"In addition to being my dear pal for years, Hilly Norry has also been my rabbi. As we have taught together in Jewish/Christian settings, I have never failed to be enlightened by his learned, yet always engaging and compelling presentations. Audiences love him. And what a commentator he is on what is happening in contemporary culture. He can also tell you which harmonica to buy and how long to soak your lentils. He is one go-to guy!"

Joanna Adams,

I have known Hillel Norry since 2009.  During that time, I have had the pleasure of being his Taekwondo Master Instructor, and watching him obtain his Black Belt.

During this time, I have come to greatly admire this man.  He is a true leader.  A true teacher.  A true intellectual.  I have seen him teach with great passion a white belt of 4 years old, as well as a assisting a fellow adult student.  I've seen him engage in calm, rational, thoughtful discussion on issues ranging from religion and Judaism, music, politics, and morality.  I've seen seen him reach across religious, social, and political divides to engage, challenge, and support his fellow students.

He is also an amazing father and husband.  Strong, solid, compassionate, loving.

Finally, I am honored to call him my friend.

Master Curtis Mast, 6th DAN , Atlanta’s United Tae Kwon Do/US Cup Tae Kwon Do Championships

Rabbi Norry has become my most trusted resource for enlivening the texts of the Hebrew Bible, especially as it relates to our understanding of it as Christians. It is my hope to approach these texts faithfully, and Rabbi Norry spoke to our congregation with grace and care about Rosh Hashanah and Passover, which gave us insight into how these events were woven into the fabric of our own salvation history. Not only is Rabbi Norry bright and engaging, he is also witty and approachable. He was able to entertain questions with ease, and welcomed us into dialogue with him. I highly recommend Rabbi Norry as a speaker and educator, and I give great thanks to God for the gift of this conversation parter and friend.
PS Do not let him kick you.  

Rev. Mandy Sloan Flemming, Senior Minister, Laguna Beach United Methodist Church